Thank you everyone for taking interest in my blog! My name is Champ Slater (yes that’s my nickname, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know me as Champ). Let’s face it, I’m addicted to poker. I must say that I spend the majority of my days playing poker. Fortunately, I’m good enough at what I do that I don’t have to actually work for a living. I guess that kind of eliminates the ‘addiction’ side of things since it’s also my job. It’s all fine and dandy, HOWEVER…I’m three years and seven months into my online poker career, and I’m finally getting bored of doing absolutely nothing but poker all day. I’ve taken a few really nice vacations (Italy, Cancun and Hawaii to name a few) with a little bit of the money I’ve earned, and my wife is loving it, but it’s really just not enough for me. I want to help others achieve what I’ve achieved. I don’t want to sell anybody any books because I’m not exactly the best writer in the world. What I am good at, is seeing through the BS out there. I decided to start this blog to help fellow poker addicts (or possible future poker addicts) find the most useful poker-teaching tools and online poker rooms on the web. That way, I’ll at least be able to feel good about the fact that I’m not the only person out there who can make a living off of doing what I love! Please feel free to shoot me an email regarding anything from review requests, feedback or other general questions about poker. I’ll be posting more information about my other projects as soon as they’re up and running!