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Absolute Poker is a medium sized poker room in itself, but in July 2008 it joined forces with UltimateBet in order to increase its player population. With the two combined, Absolute Poker (which has a more poker-friendly interface) has quickly become the top place to play poker online. With the added population came a larger demand for tournaments. AP now holds thousands of tournaments each day, for real money AND freerolls. Any time you’re ready to play, there’s a tournament ready and waiting. The longest I’ve ever had to wait for a tournament (and believe me…I’m anal about these things and I actually timed it) was about 6 minutes. In the poker world, that’s pretty much amazing.

CHAMP’S FAVORITE ASPECT: My favorite thing about AP, is that while the population is still increasing, the low to medium stakes games are extremely easy to clean up. The overall skill level of AP’s newer players is worth taking advantage of!

Side Note: Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet has had a handful of scandalous events take place since the merger.