Texas Hold ‘Em Secrets Exposed Under Review

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Well, I think I fell in love! …Ok, not really, that would just be weird. But, in my defense, Texas Hold ‘Em Secrets Exposed is the absolute best deal on the web. I didn’t go as far as to give it 5 stars because it doesn’t have everything that Sit-N-Go-Pro has, but for half the price, it has plenty.


The best selling eManual “Texas Holdem Secrets: Exposed!”

– 6 Audio CDs (so you can learn how to play poker in the car or at home without having to read hundreds of pages)

Online training video ($47 value in itself)

– 8 Free Bonus Gifts (totaling over $700 in value)

– The most valuable free bonus gift: One hour phone conversation with a poker consultant!

– 100% Guarantee

The bonuses aren’t all as helpful as I’d like (one of them teaches you how to do chip tricks…which isn’t necessary if you’re only interested in playing online), but the ones that are provide a wealth of poker knowledge that you can’t ignore. This powerful package provides you with beginner and advanced strategies so that you won’t have to look anywhere else after this purchase.

The following exerpt is taken directly from the creator of Texas Hold ‘Em Secrets Exposed himself:


If you want to see people get pissed off check/raise them. Now not everyone is like that. Actually, it doesn’t bother me one iota.

However, for some it is like playing against the anti-Christ. They can’t stand it. I love doing it because it keeps them guessing. They may get upset and then what happens? They’re not thinking clearly and may place a big bet or go all-in. I love it! I’ve put more people out by check/raising then anything else.

When I’m check/raised it makes me think twice. But I don’t get upset. In fact, it helps me maintain a closer focus on what’s going on.

Quick Tip
Check/Raise if you want to really see fireworks at a table. However, when done right you can take advantage of your opponent’s hostility.

Stealing Pots

When you get a good starting hand like AK or KQ does it ever seem like you can never win these hands due to a poor flop.

Try this…

Let’s say you got KQ. Throw out a large bet, not just a small one that others will call simply to see the flop. That’s not what you want. The majority of the time when placing a large bet here most everyone will fold.

Then comes the flop, 4, 10, 7. This is usually not much help to anyone. So what do you do? Place a huge bet. Why? Because your opponent will put you on a pocket pair while they have nothing. They’ll fold.

There you go. You just stole a pot.

Every once in a while someone will call you or go over the top. Then it is time to reevaluate and move forward cautiously. The bottom line is to maximize your winnings you must be aggressive.

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