Sit-N-Go Pro Under Review

As far as teaching tools goes, this one has it all! Sit-N-Go Pro caught my attention when I was out wandering the web primarily due to the fact that I spend most of my time playing sit-n-go’s. For those of you who aren’t sure what a sit-n-go is, it’s basically a small tournament. I’ll post more information on this a bit later, but until then, just know that this is where you’re going to make most of your money online.

Fortunately, I found way more than I was looking for with this product.


200+ page poker strategy book

– Sophisticated poker software

Poker secrets exposed eBook


– Instructional poker audio CD

– Free entry into the weekly $250 guaranteed game (best place to test out what you’ve learned at NO cost)

So as you start to read Sit-N-Go Pro’s main page (Sit-N-Go Pro – Main), you’ll start to see all the social proof (testimonials) of how well this product encompasses all types of learners. It has the videos, the audio, the written books…it has it all. The most powerful source of information in Sit-N-Go Pro’s arsenal is the Play-By-Play Instructional Video. This video shows the use of their sophisticated poker software and how you can use it to always have the upper hand during competitive play.

I honestly have to say that the wealth of knowledge and training that this product provides makes it a no-brainer. On top of that, you can download it immediately after buying! No waiting for shipping, or having to leave your house to pick it up from the store.

You can find it at … This post is open to comments, please tell us how you liked this product or if you have any questions about the product itself!